About India Fibers

In this burgeoning knitwear Manufacturing & Exporting city, INDIAFIBER EXPORTS is rendering a small contribution with its extensive range of products in Men’s, Women’s and Children Wear.  Founded in 2000 for the Hosiery articles manufacturing, the INDIA FIBERS today is one of the leading manufacturer of all kinds of Knitwear from New Born to adult knit wear and Ladies wear. The firm consists of integrated production structure spanning in five manufacturing facilities each equipped with modern machineries and skilled manpower. The combined work force is 500 personnel with a turnover exceeding US$ 2.5 million. Apart from knits, INDIA FIBERS producing specialized knit woven combination products also.

The growth of Indiafibers can be attributed to its high quality standards and commitments towards its endeavor.



It is employing the following modern equipment and capabilities:

1. Using one of the finest yarn available in the country - the best home grown and imported cotton spun into superfine yarn.

2.Most Updated high sped Knitting unit - imported machines produce high quality fabrics including single and double jersey, jacquards, auto/engineered striped, yarn dyed, interlocks and pique and fleece.

3.Imported Bleaching, Mercerizing, Jet Dyeing - yarn or fabric is dyed into vibrant colors. Superior mercerizing and technology driven finishing provides for superior products of global standard.

4.Computerized Continuous Finishing - Compacting Hydro Extraction, and Shrink dyeing ensure shrinkage is limited to a 5% level.

5.Open width Stenter.

6.Imported Computerized Cutting & High Speed Sewing.

7. Diverse printing options - including screen-printing, rubberized printing, reactive, discharge, puff, light sensitive, and special effects printing.

8.Computerized Embroidery machines - modular 60 heads machinery affords complete flexibility in colors and designs.

9.Design resources - customer specific depend an on customer's unique needs.

10.Ability to develop the complete sampling program.

Product Focus

Fabric options include:

* Jersey, Rib, Interlock in 100% Cotton

* Blends of Cotton Polyester

* 100% Bamboo

* Cotton Spandex

* Polar fleece

* Velour

* Pique

* Waffle

* Fleece & French Terry

* Viscose & Modal


The range of styles


Sweat Shirts & Hooded Cardigan


Trousers & Leggings

Polo Shirts




Body Suits, Booties & Hats